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Vicar:  The Revd Canon Chris Wilton 01977 682122 frwilton@aol.com

Assistant Curates:  The Revd Phil Grayson 01977 680234 & 07969 859317

The Revd Caroline Comer-Stone 07775 868189

The Revd Wendy Plant 07803 125389

Associate Priest:  The Revd Nick Plant 0113 287 6064

Readers:  Mr Norman Sutcliffe 0113 281 3460

Benefices Administrator:  Mrs Angie Wilton 01977 682122, 07866 801046, avmw28@aol.com

23 January 2022

please remember to keep the last five minutes before the services, and especially the time during the administration of Holy Communion, for quiet prayer and reflection (a bell will be rung before the main service at Sherburn)

A special welcome today to siblings Lucca Nicholas and Amelia Jessica Ziemiecki being baptised at Sherburn today, and to all their family and friends.

Christmas Memory Trees at Micklefield and Sherburn: the baubles from the trees are now at the back of each church (Micklefield until 26 January, Sherburn until 2 February) for anyone who wishes to take the one(s) they requested. 

Children's Society Christingle Collecting Candles & Envelopes, Sherburn: please could you return them by Candlemas  (2 February).  Donations are to help raise money for vulnerable young people facing neglect, violence or poverty (there are still some collecting envelopes available). 

Morning Prayer :  -- 9.30am, Tuesdays (Aberford) and  Thursdays (Sherburn). 
Evening Prayer: -- 5:15pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at Sherburn, Thursdays at SAXTON.

Day by Day book (Sherburn):  no dates this week.  Forms available in church to request a day to remember.

Your prayers are asked for those who are ill: 
Saxton with Towton:
June Pick, baby Albert Grayson & his parents Laura & Jonny. 
Aberford: Margaret Taylor, Lauren Ward. 
Micklefield: Michael Needham, Jennifer Hudson, Maggie Moss, June Kelly.
Sherburn & Barkston Ash: Jean Keeling, Dorothy Mills, Greta Wilkinson, Hilary Bower, Emily Barrie, Sandra Jackson, Stuart Cram, Jacqui Jolleys, Yvonne Lawton, Peter Thompson, Margaret Mackman, Carlo Raimondo, 'a friend', Peter McCleave, Jessie Vause, George Bishop, Alan, Andrew Sedman, Judy Craven, Janette Brettell, Matthew Allen, Philip Hope, Mike Barnard, Julie Priston.
Please tell Angie of any amendments.

We pray for those who have died recently: Gwendoline Rose Laycock (95), Anthony Lock (68), John Robert Roy Carr ('Bob') (91), Peter Earnshaw [Methodist], Judith Sewell, Donald & Maureen Myren (d Sept 2020 and April 2021) [ashes interred Micklefield 8 Jan 2022], Rosaleen Middleton (93), Christine Moore, Gwen Floyd [funeral Tues 15 Feb, Micklefield].

Years mind (Micklefield): Hazel Green
May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

 D I A R Y 

Today, 23 January

3.30pm  Holy Baptism (Sherburn)
6.30pm  Service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Sherburn
Methodist Church) – NB, NO evening service at All Saints

Monday 24
Francis de Sales

  7.30pm  Ecumenical Fellowship Group (28A Wolsey Croft) –  All welcome, details below

Tuesday 25
End of Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

  1.15pm  Micklefield School KS1 visit to church re baptism
  6.30pm  Sherburn Guides (Sherburn Church Hall)
  8.00pm  Bell ringing practice (Sherburn)

Wednesday 26
Timothy & Titus

  9.30am  Midweek Eucharist (Micklefield)
  7.15pm  Midweek Eucharist (Sherburn) followed by
  8.00pm  Sherburn PCC meeting (Sherburn Church Hall)

Thursday 27

 12 noon  Funeral of Peter Earnshaw (Sherburn Methodist Church)
  6.40pm  Choir practice (Sherburn church)

Friday 27
Thomas Aquinas


Saturday 29

  10.30am-12 noon  Bell ringing practice (Aberford)

Next Sunday, 30 January 2022

A Fifth Sunday, so:
10.00am  Benefices Eucharist & Final Responsory for Candlemas (Sherburn)

The service is at Sherburn again, for reasons of space

•  Saturday 12 February, 7.00pm:  Wine Tasting/Quiz evening, Sherburn Church Hall.  Tickets £10, bring your own nibbles, cheese, etc.  Please let Mark Fletcher know asap if you would like to come (fletch2801@otmail.co.uk, 07703 697900).

• Selby Food Bank: Thank you for 64.5kg taken on 14 January to the Food Bank from Sherburn, Saxton and Barkston.  Next run will be Friday 4 February, 10.00am, donations box in Vicarage porch as usual. Micklefield: The box is at the back of church for your continued support, as is the box for used stamps for Martin House.

•  Mondays, 7.30pm: Ecumenical Fellowship Group at John & Jenny Bennett's, this week will be discussion and prayer.  Face masks to be worn please, and sanitiser available.

•  Sunday 5 June 2022 (Pentecost) 10.00am: Service of Confirmation by the Bishop of Selby at Sherburn. Please note: this will be treated as a Fifth Sunday (ie, just one service that day across the Benefices), and 29 May, a Fifth Sunday, will therefore be treated as a First Sunday.  Anyone seeking Confirmation, or just wishing to learn more about the Christian faith, please speak to Fr Chris.  Preparation classes will start after Easter.

January 2022 flower donor rota (Sherburn)

23 January             Angie Wilton
30 January             Rosemary Garton

There are currently vacancies on 26 June and 18 September, so if anyone can fill those spaces please tell Angie

Flowers cost £20 per week, given to Angie by the end of the preceding month please.  Flower Coordinator Lizzy Allanson (07738 832445)